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Think global – Empower medical social awareness with us.

On one hand we have millions of patients in need of medical care for diseases which industrial pharmaceutical R&D neglects. On the other hand, there is a small non profit organization called Waisenmedizin (Orphan medicine) since the year 2000. It tries to overcome financial obstacles and regulatory hurdles to make new economic treatment forms available to poor patients in need of therapeutic progress for their neglected diseases.

If you want to support both of our NGOs Waisenmedizin – PACEM in Germany and in Switzerland and be part of a “charité” movement back to the European social principals of medical care established at the end of the Renaissance, please donate through one of the payment methods below. Thank you!

Every 10 € donation helps us to heal a cutaneous leishmaniasis patient within a maximum period of two months and up to three lesions.

Donations to Waisenmedizin e.V. – PACEM Germany can be addressed to:

Depositor / Kontoinhaber: Waisenmedizin e.V. – PACEM
IBAN: DE37 6005 0101 7438 5058 88
BIC code: SOLADEST 600

We issue donation receipts for donations exceeding 200 €.

Donations to Waisenmedizin – PACEM Switzerland can be addressed to:

Depositor / Kontoinhaber: Waisenmedizin – PACEM Schweiz
IBAN: CH44 0077 8195 7316 5200 1
BIC code: LUKBCH2260A

For direct donations to the German Waisenmedizin e. V. via PayPal, click the “Donate” button below.

For those who want to become members of our NGO in Germany:

DE – Membership Application